I’m Aleksa Scott and I can’t wait to start and grow this blog! I am currently going to school at Washington State University (senior YAY) and am majoring in apparel merchandising, design and textiles with a minor in public relations/communications. I am also on the Washington State University dance team and it’s so much fun. Being able to travel, dance and be in front of the whole student body during games is such a surreal experience! I feel like this blog is a stepping stone in the direction I want to go. I want to share my passion with others and be able to teach others about beauty and fashion since I am literally obsessed with it! Throughout college I have learned so much about the fashion industry whether it’s forecasting, fabrics and textiles, history of fashion and also a lot of the business side of it and I want to share ALL of it with ALL of you!! I hope this blog and all my posts and pictures inspire you in your everyday lives and I hope you look forward to reading my posts as much as I look forward to creating and writing them!

Aleksa Scott