Effortless Trendy Outfits

If you’re anything like me, when I get ready for school, I don’t spend a lot of time picking out an outfit. But it’s a love hate relationship because I love to still be trendy while still putting in minimal effort. This past week I have been experimenting and put together two super trendy but casual looks that you can throw on whether you’re going to class, running errands, or going to a movie with friends!

The first look is all black everything. I feel like over half my wardrobe is black because I am just drawn to that color of clothing! But it’s not a bad thing! Hats paired with a sweater and leggings or your comfiest jeans is the perfect combo! Especially because the sporty trend is on style right now! Pairing a hat with any outfit is so easy because you don’t have to do anything to your hair! Girls…that saves soooo much time!! Also, throwing on a sweater and styling it with a hat, my favorite is my Adidas hat, makes you look trendy and like you spent so much time on it. I paired this look with my new black rain booties that are on sale, or I’ll wear it with slip ons or any sneakers to keep the sporty trend throughout the whole look.

My second look is a graphic sweatshirt paired with a jean jacket and joggers. Yes, I said joggers! That is practically like you’re wearing sweats! Again, this is kind of like another sporty look, because joggers have also been really on trend lately. But graphic tees and sweatshirts are also on trend! Pairing that with an oversized denim jacket over it makes you look so fashionable while still be comfy (and warm for fall and winter). You’re literally wearing sweats and a sweatshirt! I paired this with my black rain booties again, but would also would wear it with slip ons or even uggs when it starts to get cooler.

I hope you guys are inspired and motivated by these two easy, effortless and trendy looks!