New Skincare Routine

Hello everyone! I have a new skincare routine and I am obsessed to say the least! I bought a bunch of new products during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and at first, I am always skeptical to change up my skincare routine because my skin is so sensitive but the worker at Nordstrom told me I had to try this stuff and I did and my skin has never been better! I have been doing this new skincare routine for about a month now and I absolutely love it.

The products I have been using is Mario Badescu (literally have a new obsession with everything from this line), Kate Somerville, Clarins and the Foreo Luna 2 facial cleansing brush and anti-aging device. I used to be a big stickler on only using one line of products for my face but these brands that I am using and mix and matching are very versatile and work very well with each other.

I have been washing my face with the Mario Badescu enzyme cleansing gel. I love how soft it is, but how it still exfoliates and really cleans the dirt, oils and excess makeup off your skin. I have been applying this with the new Foreo face cleansing brush once a day. It does what a clarisonic does, but is supposedly the new thing and does so much more. It vibrates while your gently wash your face with it. I love that you can change the speed of the vibration for how sensitive your skin is. I truly think that this combo is what has been helping my skin so much just feel smooth and look very refreshed and clean.

I still use my normal Olay face toner that I have always used since like middle school. This stuff really gets rid of the extra oil on my skin since I tend to have skin on the oilier side. I then apply the Clarins hydra-essential moisturizer. This product is a gel and smells so good. It cools your face as you apply it and also is a great base before you put makeup on.

The last product I use is the Kate Somerville de-puffing eye balm. I apply this under my eyes and it helps me look awake and also just get rid of my dark circles. I love that this product is made of goat milk so it’s very smooth and creamy.

As the day goes on I also use the Mario Badescu facial spray to help my skin always look refreshed and whenever I have a breakout or a random zit on my face, I apply the Mario Bedescu drying lotion before bed. Guys no joke, I love this Mario Bedescu line, if you haven’t tried anything from them you have to!

Hope you guys loved my new skincare routine and let me know if you have ever tried any of these products