Cinderella Hair Extensions

Hey girls! Okay so this might be my favorite post I have written because it has to do with everything about hair extensions! I have been through it all and have had so many different kinds put in and attached to my hair and over this past year I have tried Cinderella Hair extensions and there is no going back!

I feel like hair extensions are so under rated and no one ever talks about them but I have to talk about these because they are seriously the best ever!

In the past, I have had clip in extensions and tape ins. I wasn’t a big fan of the tape ins because I found that they didn’t last long and that you could actually see them and it was just not cute. I also had problems with them becoming loose or falling out and it was just a pain. My hairdresser I have been going to for over 8 years now has always told me about Cinderella hair extensions because she was trained to put them in so I thought that I would give them a try last year. AND I AM OBSESSED TO SAY THE LEAST!

They lasted me 8 months and didn’t ruin my hair, weren’t visible and were SO comfortable! I actually think they protected my hair and made it stronger and thicker. My hair type naturally is super thin and fine so that is why I have always had extensions the past three or so years.

Cinderella hair extensions are strands of real hair attached to a bond and that bond is melted onto your actual hair. They are lightweight and not visible. They are so easy to take care of and are so natural! It has made my hair thicker and so much fuller and I recently got my second batch in for the upcoming school year!

Leave me any questions you may have below and if you are thinking about extensions and are skeptical don’t hesitate to ask me anything!!! I hope this post helped babes!!