4 Ways to Style a Leather Jacket

I feel like people only know how to style a leather jacket one way. And that is that they only wear it on nice occasions to really dress up their outfit. Yes, that is one of the ways you can wear it but you can also wear and style it many other ways! Your leather jacket shouldn’t hang in your closet all the time and only be worn once a month. It deserves to be put almost over anything, and it can be.

I only have one leather jacket and that’s all you need. I wear the same one over and over but with different styles, shoes, garments and accessories almost every time. I have styled my leather jacket with sweatshirts (yes…a sweatshirt!!), dresses, a t-shirt and sweaters. They really are so versatile and I am about to share FOUR WAYS YOU CAN STYLE YOUR LEATHER JACKET!!!!

Style #1: One of the ways I style it is with black distressed denim jeans, a baggy white t-shirt and sneakers. This gives off a casual chic look while still looking put together. An accessory that I like to wear Ray-Ban Aviators with this look. It makes it super edgy!

Style #2: I like to pair it with a maxi dress or jumper. The days I don’t want to wear just a dress and want to give it a little more style, I always think that a leather jacket over the top of maxi dress or jumper and even paired with a choker shows a mix between a boho and modern look. When I worked at Nordstrom, this was one of my go to outfits because it met all of the dress code requirements and was so comfy. I got so many compliments!

Style #3: Leggings and a sweatshirt. The easiest, comfiest, most stylish look ever. When these pieces come together it makes it look very urban. I like to wear it over my LA sweatshirt!

Style #4: Light wash boyfriend jeans and any color t-shirt. Except I usually do white because I love white tees! This is similar to style number one but more casual because of the boyfriend jeans. This also gives a very urban feel to the look. The pop of color under the leather jacket or bright white tee in this look is what I love the most.

And that is four easy ways to style your leather jacket. Like I said, I only have one leather jacket and that’s all you need. Find one you’re in love with, buy it, and wear it over just about everything! I hope this post has inspired you with many leather jacket outfit ideas. Be creative when getting dressed!! And keep in mind that these styles are for every season of the year and perfect for spring and going into summer! Although it is the staple item of your outfits, I like that they can still be taken off if you get hot and still be wearing a cute outfit!