Rose Face Mask and Oil Night Time Routine

I love getting ready for bed and washing my makeup off, taking care of my skin and putting on a cute pair of pajamas. I feel like its calming and just a little pamper session to yourself every night. Being such a busy person, it’s hard to make time for myself but since the new year, I have made it crucial that I give myself that time 3-4 times a week before going to sleep and I absolutely have never had a better new year’s resolution! I have shared my weekly night time routine with you here below and my skin has never looked and felt better. I have linked the products I use below, and I hope this inspires you all to also give yourself a pamper night a few times a week and trust me, your skin will love it and it’ll pay off!

Okay I am about to rave about a new beauty product that I am obsessed with. So back in the summer I got a little sample of the Rose Face Mask by Fresh at Sephora for my little birthday gift that you get for free. I was obsessed with it when I got it in the summer but kept saying to myself that maybe I’ll find another face mask that I’ll like even better. But no, I keep going back to this one particular mask. I’ve tried the peels for the last few months, nose strips, clay, but nothing relates to the rose face mask.

This rose face mask by fresh is a gel and is infused with real rose petals in rose water. The rose petals literally melt onto your face during the duration of when you have your mask on. This mask hydrates and tones your skin and really cools and calms your face as well. If you’re like me, I like when you can feel the mask working on your skin immediately. With this mask, you see results right away and you can feel the mask working on your skin and really feel it restore the radiance and complexion from your skin. The mask makes your face feel tight and toned from the moment you put it on. I have sensitive skin and this rose mask doesn’t damage my skin or make me breakout and trust me, I’ve had that in the past!

When you rinse your face off after leaving the mask on for about half an hour, (the box says you can take it off after 10-15 minutes but I love the feeling of it and obviously do it way longer LOL), your skins texture is so smooth and you just feel refreshed. I like to do the mask every other night before I go to bed so that I go to bed feeling calm and clean. I feel like I have gotten less blemishes after using this mask and I can tell a huge difference in my skin when waking up in the morning.

After I rinse off and dry my face from the mask, and by the way I love that it’s not a clay or a peel off mask because it is so easy to take off, I then like to use a few drops of Maracuja Oil and pat that all over my face. Maracuja oil is proven to help anti-aging of the skin (which I am all for) and helps with hydration and giving your skin a dewey, glowy look. I have been putting this on after my face mask every other night and wow, my skin feels and looks great. I can tell my skin glow through my makeup and I have had no breakouts or redness since when I started using these products.

After I am done with my face masks and oils, I then like to go into my room and put lotion all over my body. This winter was a very harsh winter with the dryness of the weather and my skin has definitely noticed. My skin doesn’t get dry very easily and never in my life has my skin been dry this bad in the winter before. So me being me, I only have bath and body works lotion because I love the scents and I really don’t need the best lotion that’s out there. Now bath and body works lotion does work, but not for the dryness my skin has been having. I got this new Shea Body butter by Tree Hut that you can pick up for cheap at Ulta and my skin loves it. I apply this all over my legs, stomach and arms. It refreshes your skin and is a very intense moisturizer. It softens all the dry and rough skin and leaves your skin looking and feeling healthy. I feel like after only 2 or 3 uses my dry skin has COMPLETELY gone away. I love the natural oils in this moisturizer and they have many scents you can choose from. My scent is to die for. I got coconut lime and I feel like I am on the beach in Hawaii. It doesn’t make your skin feel greasy or sticky which is one thing I have hated about lotions I have used in the past as well. I just wait a couple minutes for it to soak in and dry, put my pajamas on, and get into bed!