Olay Products Morning Routine

Today I am sharing my morning routine. It involves products I use from the moment I wake up and I can’t live without any of them. I always get asked how I get such clear, smooth skin and the answer is it’s easy! The products I use are all affordable and from the drugstore.

The key is to stick with a brand and use everything in that brand. After you find the brand and products that work best for you, then stick with that brand forever! This is the trick because you know that the products are all compatible with each other. For me that brand is Olay. I told you that it’s so affordable and I got it at the drugstore!! I’m pretty sure I have been using the same Olay products and have had the same morning routine since the 8th grade…no joke! I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my Olay products and I’m pretty sure if I ever stopped using them my skin would freak out!

I am a big advocate on showering in the morning. I believe it wakes you up and you just feel cleaner and more refreshed throughout the day. Although being in college there are times I shower at night before I go to sleep because I can’t find get myself up early enough to take a shower before my first class. But either way, my morning routine never changes!

1. The moment I wake up the first thing I do after I pop my contacts in is wash my face. Whether it’s in the shower or the sink, I turn on warm water and rinse my face. I then use my Olay foaming wash and lather that into my skin all over. The specific face wash I use varies but it’s always by the brand Olay. Currently I am using the oil minimizing clean foaming face cleanser but I do use the gentle foaming wash often as well.

2. After rinsing that off and drying my face I immediately put on my Olay oil minimizing toner. I tend to have skin on the oilier side so I get the oil minimizing toner but they also have different kinds of specific Olay toners as well. I use a cotton a ball and soak it and just go over all of my face numerous times really trying to get all of that excess dirt off. I then let that dry for about 2 minutes.

3. I then use my Olay all day moisturizer with SPF 15 and put that all over my face and neck. My trick to putting face lotion on is to never lather your face lotion down, always up so that you don’t create wrinkles or droopy skin.

That’s it! It’s so easy and is worth the 10 minutes out of your day for clear, soft and moisturized skin. And why else would you not do it if you can literally go to your local Rite Aid or Target or Walmart and get these affordable products when they seriously work wonders! I always put my make up on after I do my morning routine and I believe that it makes your makeup stay longer and look more dewy as well. Below I have linked these three Olay products that I use. Please comment on what your fav products are that you use for your morning routine!!